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Do you desire to have an amazing marriage and family life?

Are you struggling with intimacy, communication and other issues in your marriage?

Do you need an experienced family coach to walk you through whatever these issues are?

If you answered 'Yes' to any of these questions, read on...

What Makes A Successful Home?

A home is more than just a roof above your head. A home should be a secure place where you are free to enjoy your life and fulfill your potential.

A successful marriage and a balanced family life is a stepping stone and launching pad for the achievement of greater success in life and eventually the attainment of self-fulfillment

The Best Investment You Could Ever Make

A good marriage is a product of a lot of investments to be made by both parties: Time, Effort, Sacrifices and a lot more.


This course will open your eyes to good values that will make your marriage tick

Transform your marital and family experience, enroll in


delivered 100% online.

Over the next 6 weeks of the course, you'd get access to in-depth teaching and clarity about:

  • The Role Of Each Partner In A Marriage

  • Family Maintenance 

  • Casting Your Family Vision, Mission and Values

  • Parenting

  • Managing Family Finances  

  • ... and so much more.

Think you'd benefit more from a personalized experience? 

Enroll for a one-hour coaching session with coach and course facilitator, Nike Adeyemi 

Nike Adeyemi is an international speaker and a global voice of love to nations.


She teaches and demonstrates God’s love to individuals and communities.


She is the president of Real Woman International Inc. and the founder of The Real Woman Foundation through which many young women have been sheltered, healed and empowered to live amazing lives.


At her Love Home Orphanage, many children thrive, assured of a bright future.

She is the Principal Consultant and Lead Facilitator at Gabriel and Princess Limited, a training and consulting company.


On her global TV broadcast, Real Woman with Nike Adeyemi, she shares wisdom on various life issues. She has authored several books.


Nike is an avid learner, despite her master’s degrees in Architecture and Business Administration, she further trained in Strategic Perspectives for NonProfit Management and other leadership courses as she pursues her dream of building lives, to see many more whole and living their dreams too.


Married to her sweetheart Sam, and blessed with three amazing children, she has nurtured and trained many more at Daystar Christian Center and around the world.

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