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Our mission is to empower and provide insights and practical solutions for life and living. Through our virtual and physical classroom courses, we equip clients/students with the knowledge and tools needed to overcome limitations & obstacles and equip them adequately to lead successful lives.


We offer both open and customised courses for individuals and organisations on topics such as:  

- Work-Life Balance  

- Emotional Management  

- Self-Development and Motivation  

- Time Management

- Family Life

..and many more.


Our overriding mission in simple terms: “To offer by way of training and coaching, practical solutions for life and living. We empower you to solve problems for yourself first and for the people around you.”


Nike Adeyemi
Principal Consultant

Adenike, has an MSc in Architecture from Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria and an MBA from Business School Netherlands, She further trained in Strategic Perspective for Non-Profit Management at Harvard Business School.


She is a Fellow of the Institute of Researchers and Administrators of Nigeria, a member of the Nigerian Institute of Social Workers among others. 


She is a recipient of many awards; she serves on the board of other non-profit and for profit organizations.


She is a facilitator at The Daystar Leadership Academy.

She has authored eight books; The Real Woman, Building a successful Home, Woman an Asset to the Nation, Great Parenting, Love code, The Lifted Mother, Into Her Into Him and New Dreams Think Big.

Adenike is passionate about social justice, family, enterprise and education. 


She is a gracious helper and problem solver

Visit her website to learn more.  

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